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All our plans include unlimited help and support.

Pricing Plans

£3150/ year

Micro Organisation Discount
(Less than 40 staff)

Identical features to the Standard plan. the discounted version is aimed at Housing Associations with less than 1000 units or Public Organisations with less than 40 staff

£5250/ year


  • Unlimited Surveys
  • A.I. Sentiment Analysis Tool
  • Unlimited Dashboards/Reports
  • Automated Analysis and Reporting
  • Heatmap Response Console
  • Unlimited Help and Support
  • Data Segmentation
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Tailored Solution to meet your exact needs

Suited to organisations who need a bespoke system to suit their exact requirements. Usually larger organisations.

Why Choose CX-Feedback From Target Applications?

Expert Advice

Our team truly understand the needs of your organisation. We are on hand at any time to help you build a survey, create a report or anything you need. We don't just provide support: think of us as an extension of your own team. We're here to help you.

Powerful Platform

CX-Feedback was designed for the Public and Social Housing Sectors. Our built-in Artificial Intelligence gives you the power of a marketing research team in-house at a fraction of the cost. World-class analytics gives you insight like never before.

Make Improving Your Satisfaction Scores Easy

Automation | Artificial Intelligence | Expert Team

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Easy for RSLs

Tenants need a way of using their Tenant Voice and being heard. Use CX-Feedback to simplify the process and automate the delivery. Get better scores with CX-Feedback.

Easy for Public Services

No matter who your are dealing with, you need to know who they feel about the service you provide. CX-Feedback gives you hundreds of ways of making that easy.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can't find the answers? Call us on 0141 810 2599 now to speak to an expert.

We provide a full, end-to-end support service with our software. You won't just be given access to CX-Feedback and left to fend for yourself, not at all. You'll have a project manager at the end of a phonecall or an email, any time you need them, to help you with anything from building a survey to understanding the results. We're always keen to help and give advice wherever we can.
We certainly can. Each member of our team is trained in handling surveys in both public services and housing. We can manage surveys like the STAR survey for housing associations, or a user-base survey for public services. This would come under our "Tailored Solutions" Pricing, and surveys are priced based on the size and complexity of the projects. If you'd like to discuss Target Applications managing a survey for you, call us on 0141 810 2599 to get a no-obligation quote for the service.
2 admin users are included with any package you buy. You should see these as Senior Users, who have access to all of the functionalities in CX-Feedback. Outside of that, you can have as many standard users as you like! You can add them really easily with just their name and email address, give them their own login details and set up their permissions (what they can do and see within CX-Feedback). For example, a frontline staff member might only need to see a high-level overview of your CS results, whereas a senior Customer Service manager might want much more detailed insights. This is easily achieveable and totally customiseable.
We've taken great care to ensure CX-Feedback is absolutely GDPR compliant. We've built the system with Privacy by Design, which means every aspect of CX-Feedback is built to be safe and secure, keeping your data protected. You can Anonymise and Pseudonymise any information you want to, and provide controlled access to only the people who need to see it. We take Data Protection very seriously. If you'd like to see our GDPR and Data Protection documents, call us on 0141 810 2599 and ask for our Data Protection Officer, Laura Chisholm.

CX-Feedback by Target Applications Ltd is a cloud-based Customer Surveying and Feedback Management tool designed specifically for UK RSLs and Public Services.

Started in 2008, Target Applications have been delivering software to the Public Services for over a decade.