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The Engagement+ Module

The CX-Feedback Engagement+ module is designed to help you communicate with tenants and become White Paper ready.

Build Tailored Engagement Groups
Message, Survey and Engage with Any Group
Targeted Consultations
Tenant Contact Detail and Optout Management
Automated TSM, New Let or Let Anniversary Surveys
Achieves your White Paper Obligations White Paper Ready
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White Paper Ready

Engagement+ is the and easy 'one-stop-shop' solution to getting White Paper ready. Conduct your Tenant Satisfaction Measures (TSMs) automatically, submit your data to the regulator, and focus your teams on continuous improvement with our White Paper focussed engagement tools.

  • Auto-TSM surveys
  • Targeted Tenant Engagement
  • Automated Reporting
  • Transparent Public Dashboards
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Automated TSMs

Get ahead of the upcoming TSM requirements with built-in compliance surveys

With built-in White Paper TSM surveys, Engagement+ is the easiest way to survey your tenants on the Tenant Perception measures for the Housing Regulator in England. You can generate a survey containing the mandatory questions instantly, and send them to tenants in one go, periodically, or even trickled out across the whole year.

Create and Manage Engagement Groups

Get better access than ever to your tenant information to build engagement groups

Filtered Engagement Groups

Create and manage groups of tenants based on similar criteria like property type, location, patch or age. Then you can tailor your services and engagement to relevant groups and individuals by who they are and what they are interested in.

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Custom Engagement Groups

You can build custom groups from any question in a survey, or even from MS Excel lists. This is perfect for facilitating focus groups, tenant voice panels or even from custom lists of tenants.

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Send Targeted Communications

Share essential engagement information with instant push messaging

The Engagement+ bespoke push messaging system gives you the tools and the flexibility you need to send beautifully crafted push messages to your tenants in minutes. Share engagement events, tenancy-related information, or even help documents for things like energy efficiency. You can also share your branded creative content via email, or build a bespoke 'mini site' and share a link via SMS, so all of your tenants can benefit from clear, easy-to-read messaging.

Automated Regulator-Approved Surveys

Fulfil your regulator survey requirements with built-in compliant surveys

Automate your regulator surveys within minutes and send them to tenants transactionally to gather your satisfaction data throughout the year. Say goodbye to the mammoth task of your annual survey – send surveys out in a trickle throughout the year to give you a constant feed of customer satisfaction levels, a representative annual set of data, and the ability to be responsive to tenants in real-time.

  • English Tenant Satisfaction Measures (TSMs)
  • Scottish Housing Regulator ARC Survey
  • Housemark STAR surveys
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Targeted Consultations

Truly consult with tenant to involve them in your decision making process

Involving tenants in your decision making processes means consulting with them on things that are relevant to them. Engagement+ gives you the ability to target your consultations to specific groups of tenants easily. Whether you’re asking tenants in highrise flats about building safety decisions or planning a new play park and want to consult with people in that specific neighbourhood, Engagement+ helps you quickly create messaging and share it with the right tenants for the right reasons.

Tenant Engagement History

Monitor and manage you tenant engagement history in one place

Keeping track of your tenant engagement activity can be complicated, and now that these must be auditable, most organisations don’t have the tools to manage it. Engagement+ gives you a centralised platform to monitor your tenant engagement levels, engagement activities and events, and prove how dedicated you are to tenant participation.

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We Help You

We are proud of how much our staff care about helping you and your customers. We are here to help with anything from building surveys to scheduling PDF reports. We are not just a software company. We commit to providing quality, heart-felt services to improve your tenant satisfaction.


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