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Surveying and experience feedback made
simple using artificial intelligence.

Social Housing's Favourite Engagement Platform

Excellence in Housing Innovation
CIH Scotland Housing Awards, Nominee: Elderpark HA
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Increased Tenant
Engagment & Satisfaction Levels

CX-Feedback makes it easy to survey and report Tenant satisfaction levels as a one-off or in transactional feedback such as after a completed repair. Its powerful toolset helps you learn more about your tenants and helps engage tenants in your decision making.
COVID-19: Now includes Engagement & Wellbeing Toolset

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We are proud of how much our staff care about helping you and your customers. We are here to help with anything from building surveys to scheduling PDF reports. We are not just a software company. We provide a service.


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CX-Feedback by Target Applications Ltd is a cloud-based Customer Surveying and Feedback Management tool designed specifically for UK RSLs and Public Services.

Started in 2008, Target Applications have been delivering software to the Public Services for over a decade.